Why do we use TAB instead of The Alabama Baptist now?

Why do we use TAB instead of The Alabama Baptist now?

As you may have noticed, the overall ministry of The Alabama Baptist is transitioning to being called TAB Media.

Why? Because the ministry has gradually expanded during the past 20 years to become much broader than the weekly newspaper, which has had a few names but is best known as The Alabama Baptist.

The name TAB Media encompasses the weekly print newspaper that has been published for more than 177 years; TAB Online, at tabonline.org, which includes an archive of articles and columns dating back to 2000, special resources and the new Business and Ministry Directory; the TAB Media podcasts: TAB Talks, TAB News, TAB Briefs and the seasonal TAB Stories; and TAB Digital, the interactive content delivered to inboxes weekly, such as TAB Preview, the new TAB Highlights and the digital edition of the weekly newspaper.

The graphic illustrates the different platforms of TAB and how they all fall under the umbrella of TAB Media.

“The legacy of TAB is and will continue to be the award-winning newspaper, but we also want to adapt to new ways of providing content in order to serve all Alabama Baptists at the highest level,” TAB Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Davis Rash said. “Using the name TAB Media allows us to stay connected to our flagship publication — The Alabama Baptist — with the abbreviation of it (TAB) and adding Media conveys the full spectrum of how we now communicate through a variety of platforms.”

The broader TAB Media description also provides room to grow as technology continues to expand, she said.

“Continually polishing our systems, learning and growing and adapting as a ministry and business is important for several reasons,” Rash said. “We want to always strive to be the best we can be for our readers. But also, branching into new areas presents the opportunity to reach a new audience with the good news of the gospel.

“Informing, inspiring and connecting believers so we all are focused on reaching the world for Christ is our ultimate purpose.”

So whether you call us The Alabama Baptist, TAB Media or TAB, you are correct and we are still who you’ve always known. (TAB)