Alabama House Resolution honors TAB’s 175th Anniversary

Alabama House Resolution honors TAB’s 175th Anniversary

HR 474

By Representative Mooney


WHEREAS, highest commendations and congratulations are proudly presented to The Alabama Baptist on the occasion of its 175th Anniversary; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and appropriate to reflect upon the rich history of The Alabama Baptist, our great state’s renowned state Baptist newspaper, on the occasion of its 175th Anniversary; and

WHEREAS, The Alabama Baptist was founded February 4, 1843, by a group from Siloam Baptist Church in Marion, Alabama, including James DeVotie, who served as pastor of Siloam Baptist during the 1840s; Milo P. Jewett, who served as the publication’s first editor; and two others; the publication has always incorporated innovative design elements; and

WHEREAS, current editor, Bob Terry, preached at Siloam Baptist Church on the publication’s 175th Anniversary and a special celebration was hosted at Judson College in  commemoration of its milestone a couple of days later; and

WHEREAS, a history of the esteemed publication has been compiled into the book, “The Alabama Baptist: Celebrating 175 Years of Informing, Inspiring and Connecting Baptists”;  The Alabama Baptist has survived a Civil War, World Wars, economic depressions, and recessions and continued to flourish during trials and tribulations; The Alabama Baptist is a testament of powerful faith and premier journalism; now  therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That The Alabama Baptist is honored and commended, and this resolution is offered to the remarkable publication in highest tribute as well as with sincere best wishes for continued success in all future endeavors.

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