Alabama nonprofit wins ‘Best Idea’ to help end demand for sex trafficking

True Blue Tribe: Rediscovering Authentic Manhood Together, a soon-to-be launched initiative of Alabama nonprofit Undone Redone, earned the top prize in the “Best Ideas to End Demand” contest sponsored by the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking in April.

The honor includes a $2,500 prize for Undone Redone, which is a ministry partner of The Alabama Baptist.

True Blue Tribe provides a safe environment where men can tell the truth about their pain and address healing within a community of other men, according to Undone Redone founders Traylor and Melody Lovvorn. In this community men will learn practical life skills without fear of ridicule or condemnation.

“True Blue Tribe allows us to put processes in place which will enable men to transform from broken, hurting individuals, seeking out unhealthy ways to satisfy their emotional and physical needs, to healthy, whole, authentic men ready to help others on their own journeys.” said Traylor Lovvorn. “Ending demand for sex trafficking is the key to ending sexual exploitation.”

The “Best Ideas to End Demand” contest was part of the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit in Washington, hosted by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The goal of the competition was to aggregate ideas which could be worked collectively to help end sex trafficking in the United States. (TAB)