Book Review — The Winter War

Book Review — The Winter War

Priscilla Shirer. Nashville, TN: B & H Publishing Group, 2018. 331 pp. (Hardback).

Ladies who love Priscilla Shirer’s Bible studies — don’t get excited. This is not for us! This is for the children. You didn’t know she wrote children’s books? Neither did I until I heard two of my grandsons talking excitedly about her newest one. 

This book is billed as a sequel to the earlier series of three Prince Warrior books.

According to my grandsons, this one is every bit as good as the earlier ones. The boys could hardly raise their heads from the book once they got their hands on it. In typical 9- and 11-year-old boy fashion, their pronouncement was, “It was good. We liked it.” That’s the best I could get out of them. 

The condition of the book tells a more eloquent story — it has ragged edges and worn pages. It presents a review of its own; a story of a book carted to school to be read during breaks and in the family van on the way to ball practice and their many activities — a book greatly enjoyed by two future warrior princes for the Kingdom. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Martine Bates Fairbanks, Ed.D., reviews books and movies for The Alabama Baptist. She is a university professor and retired principal. She is a member of Central Baptist Church, Decatur.