Book Review — Thy Kingdom Come: Life in the Millennial Age

Book Review — Thy Kingdom Come: Life in the Millennial Age

Tom Grantham. Opelika: TNG Publishing, 2017. 222 pp. (Paperback).

I don’t think I have ever read a book quite like “Thy Kingdom Come” before. I expected a dry theological tone that would put me to sleep, but it was far from that. Pastor Tom Grantham of Purpose Baptist Church, Opelika, has used what he has learned from Scripture, added his very active imagination and produced a book that is a delight to read.

Grantham makes it clear at the beginning that it is not his purpose to instruct in any theological doctrine, although he has made every attempt not to introduce anything that is contrary to Scripture. Instead he wrote the book to shed a little light on the hereafter — what it might be like during the millennial age in heaven. 

Am I the only one who had never thought that the New Jerusalem described by John is the place where we will live eternally, but not until after the 1,000-year millennial reign? So what about that period before we walk the streets of gold? Where will it be? What will life be like? Grantham brings his ideas of that time to life, describing experiences and travel and family — yes, family — time. According to Grantham, there are so many wonderful experiences and places to visit on earth, we couldn’t possibly see them all in one lifetime, but “when we realize that we have a thousand years, unencumbered by the restrictions of finance or schedule … a whole new horizon of opportunities presents itself.” 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Martine Bates Fairbanks, Ed.D., reviews books and movies for The Alabama Baptist. She is a university professor and retired principal. She is a member of Central Baptist Church, Decatur.