Faith-based film ‘Indivisible’ leads family-friendly entertainment options

Faith-based film ‘Indivisible’ leads family-friendly entertainment options

Darren Turner is a husband, father and seminary graduate who feels called by God to be a military chaplain.

His wife, Heather, senses a calling to military life too. So they settle at Fort Stewart, Georgia, in 2007, assuming life will be easy for a few months or even years until he is deployed.

But life rarely goes as planned.

Darren gets called to Iraq for a 15-month tour, leaving his wife, Heather, at home to care for three children. Young and perhaps naïve, they are confident they can keep their marriage strong with video chats, letters and an occasional phone call.

Soon a crack develops in their relationship, and it only worsens when Darren returns home as a changed man. Instead of playing with the children, he now sits alone outside, contemplating the horrors of war and the friends he lost.

The patient and loving person Heather once knew has been replaced with someone who is uncaring, short-tempered and argumentative.

True-life story

Finally after one frightening episode in front of the kids, he is asked to move out … perhaps for good. Can their marriage be salvaged?

The faith-based movie “Indivisible” (PG-13) opened in theaters Oct. 26, telling the true-life story of a military couple who had to fight to save their marriage because of the stresses of war.

It stars Justin Bruening (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Darren and Sarah Drew (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Mom’s Night Out”) as Heather, and also features Madeline Carroll (“I Can Only Imagine”) as a military wife.

“Indivisible” does a nice job portraying the stresses of military service on a family — and the determination and faith that is needed to keep it together.

It’s a film that has positive messages about forgiveness and reconciliation for military and non-military families. The movie is rated PG-13 for some thematic material and war violence, so it might not be appropriate for small children.

Also playing

  • “The Chosen” Pilot — This impressive 23-minute story about the birth of Christ is available free at VidAngel’s website ( and could be changing how faith-based projects are funded. Director Dallas Jenkins and his team posted the pilot online and asked viewers to donate money if they wanted to see a full-fledged series like it. The result: more than $5 million raised through crowdfunding. Producers say “The Chosen” will not be a documentary or a mini-series but a television series about Christ.
  • “Manifest’ — This Monday night NBC series is entertaining, although it comes with a major caveat. The story follows a group of airline passengers who take off in 2013 and land five years later, in 2018. It’s a science fiction show mixed with — believe it or not — faith. Romans 8:28 is a major theme of the first two episodes. This isn’t a squeaky-clean series though. It may be best for older family members.