‘Get back out there’

David Williams of Grace Baptist Church in Virgilina, Virginia, serves in Louisiana in mid-September.
Photo by Susan Stevens

‘Get back out there’

It was a disaster relief trip in 2018 to Dawson, Georgia. Ryland Davis came down there with us, and I had planned on him being one of our main chainsaw guys. We were in the back at a house cutting on a tree and one of the other guys was cutting. I could see that we could use a second guy safely, so I turned around and said, “Ryland go get your chaps and hard hat and bring a saw.”

He said, “Alright!”

So he’s out, and I get back focused on my job and figure he’ll be back in a few minutes. After a while, I realize he’s not back yet. I look and he’s standing in the middle of the street with his chaps on, saw in hand talking to somebody. And I’m like, “Okay, he’s checking to see if they know how to get to heaven.” I go back to my work.

I get a little task focused, so after about 5 minutes, I’m really getting frustrated that he’s not there. I look, and he’s still talking. Finally, he comes back, and it looks like he’s walking about a foot off the ground. He said, “That guy just accepted Jesus.” I told Ryland, “Take your chaps off, put your saw down and go back into the street and see if you can find anybody else.”

That week we saw seven people saved, just because Ryland stopped being the chainsaw guy and started being an evangelist.

—David Williams
(Transcribed from interview)