Judson College board of trustees discussing next steps

Less than a month until the new academic year begins June 1 at Judson College in Marion, the board of trustees are currently meeting on campus to discuss the reality of achieving the recently approved $9.1 million budget.

Commitments fell $3.7 million short of the April 2 goal of $5 million, but the board voted 14 to 5 that day to move forward with then-anticipated opportunities still available.

Attention in recent weeks focused on wrapping up the spring semester and celebrating the April 30 commencement, but talks today turn back serious in tone even as the campus sits sluggishly quiet as it awaits the start of the summer term.

The reality, according to school officials, is that a strategy must be worked out soon related to next steps, and board members have indicated specific action items will be decided today.

All 24 board members are present, 10 in person and 14 via Zoom video conferencing.

TAB Media is on campus to cover the action taken by the board today and will provide updates as information becomes available.

To read more on the background of the situation at Judson, click here.


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