Minor price increase coming for TAB subscriptions

Minor price increase coming for TAB subscriptions

If your subscription to TAB is part of a group or church, then be sure to read this article

April will bring two changes related to your group subscription to The Alabama Baptist (TAB) so we want to help explain what is coming.

As you think through the adjustments, please know we understand if you need to take a few weeks or months to make the transition because of the changes coming in the second quarter of a new budget year.

We will work with you however needed to ensure your access to the content and community network provided by TAB stays intact.

One adjustment is a five cent (per issue per week) increase, the first price increase since early 2014. The new group rate for five or more subscriptions is $16.25 per year per household, which is an annual increase of $2.50. The annual amount includes all taxes and breaks down to be 32.5 cents per issue per week. 

A group subscription can be a church, a Sunday School class, a small group, an extended family, etc. There are no limits as long as one point person is communicating with our team and sending in one payment for the group.

Can now pay online

And great news for those of you wanting to pay for your group subscriptions online through a credit card. We are adding this helpful option with our coming changes. 

Many of our churches have asked for this option for years and we are now able to make it happen thanks to our new billing and circulation management partner, Cambey & West.

Cambey & West has a long history of assisting faith-based publications with their circulation management and we are excited to add them to the TAB family as we look forward to new days of improved customer service, growth and expansion.

Because Cambey & West is located in Congers, New York, mailed invoices will have that return address and your checks will now be mailed there as well.

Everything related to the production of TAB remains the same including the office’s headquarters in Birmingham.

The second adjustment coming in April is a move to quarterly billing in advance. Groups have traditionally paid for subscriptions after the subscription period is over, so the first invoice received under this new system will include two subscription periods — the one just completed and the quarter ahead. 

Because the first invoice will be higher than normal we will work with your group to catch the amount up in payments if needed.

A letter should arrive soon detailing this more fully but please let us know if you don’t receive the letter and/or have additional questions.

Bill Gilmore is our director of sales and will be working with each church as needed. Email Bill at bgilmore@thealabamabaptist.org or call 205-777-6307. (TAB)


If you pay for your subscription to TAB yourself, then read here

Five and a half cents per week is the increase you will notice when it’s time to renew your subscription — if you go ahead and sign up for three years. If you prefer to stay with an annual subscription the increase is only a little more — 15 cents per issue.

Bottom line: $24.95 per year for a three-year subscription (50 cents per week) and $29.95 for a one-year subscription (60 cents per week).

Your subscription to receive the content and community provided by The Alabama Baptist (TAB) now includes all forms of TAB — print, digital and full web access to the more than 40,000 articles archived at www.thealabamabaptist.org. 

No action is needed at the moment. We only want to alert you to the updated subscription pricing so when your renewal notice arrives you will be informed.

You will be able to renew online through a credit card or by mailing in a check.

If you renew through the mail the notice will come from our new billing and circulation management partner Cambey & West out of Congers, New York, so do be aware of that change as well.

Cambey & West has a long and successful history of assisting faith-based publications with their circulation management, and we are excited to add them to the TAB family as we look forward to new days of growth and expansion.

Thank you for being part of the TAB family as well. 

Your partnership not only connects you to the statewide network of believers known as Alabama Baptists but allows us to continue serving the network. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Email subscribe@thealabamabaptist.org or call 205-870-4720. (TAB)

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