Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts: Slight increase coming of basically 5 cents per issue per week — less than one restaurant specialty coffee or soda per year

Basic housekeeping updates are rarely interesting but usually important for the family.

You are family, so I wanted to share background related to the upcoming minor price increase.

The current cost to print and mail TAB is about 28 cents per issue per week. That doesn’t include the cost of the computers and software to develop and manage the product nor the cost of researching and producing the content, photos and graphics. 

And even if there were no printing and mailing costs, there would still be all of the software and content development costs plus what is needed to produce video and audio clips, the podcast and all that goes into maintaining an active digital presence with an online publication, website and various forms of social media.

Of course, there also are staffing and basic operational costs but we are committed to keeping the subscription price manageable and are looking to find other avenues of revenue for complete funding.

Less than a postage stamp

For those subscribing as a group, we are able to continue providing the weekly and daily content and community of this 176-year publication and media network for about half the cost of a first-class stamp. 

And for those subscribing individually, the price is about the same as a first-class postage stamp.

We are able to keep the prices as low as they are thanks to the contribution TAB receives from Alabama Baptists’ faithful giving through the Cooperative Program.

A positive change in all of this is that each subscription now includes all forms of TAB — print, digital (pdf version with hotlinks) and full web access to the more than 40,000 articles archived at www.thealabamabaptist.org. 

Some may prefer digital only. If so, then we ask that you share your print edition with a neighbor or friend. Help us spread the word about TAB. In fact, we need all of you spreading the word. Share an article or an entire issue.

New travel section

On a lighter note, we are launching a new quarterly travel section in this issue called Go, Taste and See based on Psalm 34:8. Let us know what you think about the new feature.

Read more: https://thealabamabaptist.org/minor-price-increase-coming-for-tab-subscriptions/