My Rashionale: Forget flooding their offices with letters; call them up to chat

My Rashionale: Forget flooding their offices with letters; call them up to chat

So how is the February fast from cable news networks going? Have you been able to tell a difference in your spirit since taking a break?

How are you choosing to use the extra time? Have you discovered anything new about yourself or those close to you? 

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming state legislative session, which opens March 5. That gives us about three weeks to reacquaint ourselves with our state representative and senator.

You are right if you are thinking that keeping up with our state Legislature is one more thing to add to an already overwhelmed schedule. But I have a crazy idea. See what you think. 

What if each of the nearly 1 million people in Alabama who claim Baptist as their denomination were to call up their representative and senator? That’s getting close to a quarter of our state’s population — and a whole lot of conversations.

In my mind, the phone calls would allow us to introduce ourselves and let them know we are interested in their work. 

We could share specifics or keep it general, but either way the discussion would be encouraging and uplifting, not mean-spirited. 

Before calling we would determine if we truly can commit to pray for our elected officials. If we can, then we also would share that with them. 

Along with prayers for those who don’t know Jesus to find Him and those who do to hold on to Him, we can pray specifically about their work.

The prayers could be that those elected would maintain solid values, ethics and purpose; resist temptations for wrongdoing; and work for the good of the people, not for themselves personally. That means they need to work for what’s best, not merely to get re-elected.

Of  course, we have to help them have the confidence to make the tough choices by listening to their reasoning and assuring them we won’t demonize them each time we are disappointed in an outcome. 

We also have to keep them accountable and ask them to explain themselves on the issues they do and don’t support. And we need to help them understand our concerns about the various issues. 

All of this can be done with grace and gentleness. In fact, we really need to model how we want them to behave by how we treat them. We also should expect the best from them and not allow anything less. 

All elected officials should step up and serve with honest commitment, careful action, defined purpose and a good dose of kindness. Reaching out to our U.S. representatives and senators in this manner would also be a positive move for our state and nation.

The elected officials or someone from their staff will take your calls and should treat you well. If they don’t, then call up your area newspaper editor and let him or her know because that needs to be known. 

If you aren’t sure how to find your representatives and/or senators, visit “Special Resources” on our website or call us here at The Alabama Baptist (800-803-5201) and we will help you.