My Rashionale — Taking a minute to reflect before we tackle the second half

My Rashionale — Taking a minute to reflect before we tackle the second half

Wow — 2020 is something else, isn’t it? We’ve dealt with some heavy issues in the first half of this year, and we’ve not even touched several items of concern to people of faith, particularly those who are Baptist.

But those discussions will have their day. For now, it might be a good point to pull back and recenter ourselves before we attempt to tackle the second half of this intense year.

We want to do a little reflecting here at TAB Media as well and stop to thank you all for your support, encouragement and partnership.

Staying connected truly made the difference for us. Your subscriptions to The Alabama Baptist, your gifts through the Cooperative Program, your engagement on social media and your generous TAB donations are taking us to a new level.

We never could have guessed 2020 would have turned out the way it did, but we are grateful for God’s practical wisdom in helping us move forward in the digital arenas before COVID-19 changed day-to-day operations.

Because of you, we were able to be fully functioning with our podcast ministry and the cartridges for the visually impaired.

We also spent 2019 preparing for mobile office setups with most staff members so we could better cover the state and surrounding areas more efficiently.

So when the pandemic hit, our staff basically executed the plans we already had in place.

For the few positions that function best onsite, we made some quick adaptations and adjusted to a fully functioning operation from multiple locations and across state lines.

In other words, we joined the rest of the world and worked from home with the exception of two staff members who maintained onsite office hours to serve in a sort of “command central” role.

The paper continued to be printed and mailed each week, and we even added a weekly four-page, in-depth look at various aspects of COVID-19.

And while we worked to cover a broad range of topics around the coronavirus — especially of interest to people of faith — we also tried to use less space on the aspects widely covered by other media sources.

We intentionally kept about 75% of the paper focused on “routine” life issues and happenings each week to help maintain perspective and calmness as much as possible.

Our amazingly talented and creative TAB Media team also managed to launch new efforts while continuing to update and polish existing systems.

On Instagram, you’ll now find consistent stories featured. On Facebook, you’ll find a new “Beyond the Headlines” group for deep-dive conversations. On the website, we debuted a new Business & Ministry Directory.

The team also created a TAB Highlights e-newsletter that hits your inboxes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and provides easy access to that day’s podcast release.

And on the TAB Media Group YouTube channel, we stepped up our offerings with video interviews from TAB Talks and other coverage opportunities.