Rashional Thoughts: Special USB audio cartridges of TAB available thanks to donors

Rashional Thoughts: Special USB audio cartridges of TAB available thanks to donors

A shout out to Alabama’s Charles T. Carter, my “one-time pastor and all-time friend” as he describes himself, for donating the first 10 cartridges along with their special mailers to TAB’s new podcast ministry for the visually impaired.

I’m sure you read about the new podcast audio ministry in last week’s issue on page 2 but in case you missed it, the details are found at www.thealabamabaptist.org or by calling our office at 800-803-5201, ext. 101.

Dr. Carter, pastor emeritus of Shades Mountain Baptist Church, Vestavia Hills, didn’t hesitate to step up and make sure we could stay on schedule with our planned kickoff of the new ministry for the visually impaired. 

We are so excited to spread the word about TAB’s new ministry opportunity and hope it also opens up a new world of possibilities for those not yet using the specially designed digital device and audio cartridges provided free of charge by the National Library Service.

To apply for the service participants need to fill out a brief form and have a certified professional confirm the visual impairment. 

We’ve got the application ready for you to download and fill out at tabonline.org/application. It can be completed over the phone if needed. 

Also be sure to email us to sign up for our special audio version of The Alabama Baptist (tabnews@thealabamabaptist.org).

We will maintain a separate database from the National Library Service so it is important you let us know when you are ready to start listening to the TAB News audio digest of the paper through this new format. 

Help us spread the word and come alongside us to make sure we can provide the service to all who are interested.

To donate to TAB’s visually impaired podcast ministry visit www.thealabamabaptist.org and click on the “donate” button or mail a check to TAB at 3310 Independence Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209.