Singermans’ recovery slow but progressing

Singermans’ recovery slow but progressing

International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries Jeff and Barbara Singerman continue to recover in Johannesburg, South Africa, from injuries sustained in a March 14 car accident.

In an April 26 update from Jeff Singerman posted on the Congo4Christ Facebook page, Singerman said he is scheduled for shoulder surgery and a large skin graft on May 2. He had been battling infection in the wound that will receive the skin graft, but Singerman said the infection is now gone. The wound on his arm was sewn together by flashlight in a bush clinic following the accident.

“I shouldn’t have an arm, but God protected my arteries and nerves in a miraculous way and has provided healing far beyond expectations in the growth of tissue,” Singerman said.

Following surgery Singerman will undergo extensive physical therapy.

Barbara Singerman’s physical therapy is continuing to help her regain movement after fracturing her left wrist. She said she can now bend her elbow a little and touch her nose, though it takes great effort.

“I’m still quite a way from normal movement or being able to carry weight with either hand. But I can manage a coffee cup,” she said in an April 22 Facebook update.

“We are continually praising God for your concern and prayers,” Barbara Singerman wrote.

God has shown Himself

Jeff Singerman said God has shown Himself to doctors and nurses through their healing process and asked for continued prayers for the situation.

“Pray that God will use this situation in tremendous ways in Africa, America, in places unknown to us and in our lives,” he said.

The Singermans have served in the Congo since 2015. Previously they served 24 years in Benin. Barbara Singerman wrote about serving in West Africa in a book, “Beyond Surrender.” (TAB)