Twelfth Street Baptist pianist celebrates 50 years of faithfulness

Twelfth Street Baptist pianist celebrates 50 years of faithfulness

Linda Robertson accepted Christ when she was 8 years old, the same age that she began taking piano lessons. The pianist at Twelfth Street Baptist Church, Rainbow City, at the time, Jeanne DuBose, had a very profound influence on her.

“I would sit on the piano bench with her and turn pages just to watch her play and she was the first one I played with when I became a pianist. She was always so supportive over the years and I truly loved her,” Robertson said.

Robertson holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a minor in music from Jacksonville State University.
She began playing the piano for Twelfth Street Baptist on Feb. 4, 1968, on her 18th birthday. Twelfth Street is the only church Robertson has ever been a member of and this year she celebrates her 50th anniversary as its pianist.

“Twelfth Street is a big part of my life and the people have always been loving and caring,” she said. Robertson has served under several ministers of music over the past 50 years and played alongside organist Lana Cornutt for 38 years.

Robertson said it’s been easy for her to stay faithful to her ministry because she loves what she does. Playing the piano is her way of ministering each week. She had a few words of advice for anyone looking to serve his or her church: “Let someone know you have a desire to serve. I believe we all can serve in some way in our church.”
Robertson has one daughter and two grandsons. (Jessica Ingram)