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Ugandan Christian, Islamic boss killed in conversion dispute

KAGUMU, Uganda — A Muslim supervisor sent hit men May 22 to kill a Christian employee for not converting to Islam and was killed himself the next day by a mob.

Sources said Ashirafu Kasenyi was behind the killing of evangelist Fred Isiko on May 22. Kasenyi had sent Isiko on an errand.

While on the errand, Isiko was stopped by three men, who cut his neck with a long knife.

Francis Maka, a friend who had accompanied Isiko, fled and reported the incident to Kagumu police.

On May 23, Kasenyi was attacked by a mob of more than 50 community residents — most of them members of churches — and killed before police could arrest him. His house, garden and livestock also were destroyed.

One suspect in Kasenyi’s killing has been arrested.

A suspect arrested May 23 said Kasenyi hired him and four others to kill Isiko and seven pastors.

Kasenyi, a sheikh, had been a Christian before converting to Islam in 1992.

Uganda’s laws and constitution provide religious freedom. Muslims make up less than 12% of Uganda’s population.

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