Ways to honor your pastor

Ways to honor your pastor

October is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month. Here are some additional suggestions for ways congregation members can show their appreciation to pastors and ministers in October and throughout the year.

Show your affection for your pastor and his family.

  • Let the pastor know how God is specifically using him to bless, help and teach you to follow God.
  • Remember your pastor’s birthday and anniversary with a card, gift or social media post.
  • Show appreciation for your pastor’s strengths and give grace in his weaknesses.

Allow your pastor and his family to be authentic.

  • Give your pastor’s spouse the freedom to be herself and to find her own niche at church.
  • Let your pastor’s children “be kids.” Care about them, and pray for them.

Faithfully give to your church and follow the Lord’s leading to help your pastor with:

  • Marriage conference or retreat costs
  • Christian camp fees
  • Back to school fees, clothing or supplies
  • Children’s college tuition
  • Missions trips
  • Lessons or tutoring
  • Family or couple’s vacation or getaway
  • Pastor’s conference, seminar or training
  • Seminary courses or sabbatical
  • Student loan debt
  • Retirement savings
  • Medical expenses

Need more ideas for how to honor your pastor this month but all year long?

Go to blessyourpastor.org for additional resources, and read “Loving your pastor well” at tabonline.org/loving. (Blessyourpastor.org)